1. most adorable postcard from my twitter pal @catty / @cattylicious (instagram) : – ) it cheered me up immensely! 2. MOOMIN me 3. MOOMIN beeky 4. 5 eared bunny 5. drugged out moomin 6. scary salamanders by me and ross 7. RIP neil armstrong xox moomin 8. SAUCY XXX BUNNY 9. me swimming – moomin

I don’t think i got the job as i never got a phonecall whether i got the job or not. I phoned up and a girl answered, i think she got the job instead. Drats! hEAPS of retail experience needed but you need a job first —> vicious ugly cycle. Whatever. STICK IT TO DA MAN!

working on commissiomns but i am so ill; and plooey right now. gotta plough through it 😥

Rita Ora has been assaultin my ears in the nicest of ways. HOW WE DO, R.I.P and HOT RIGHT NOW are pleasantly swooshing my ear buds. Mmmm.

I want to play the Slender Man game with Ross 🙂

/over and out!

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