Upcycling – 7 Deadly Sins x Amy Winehouse

Hello hello hello!

Embarking on a new project is always exciting, especially if it’s the first one to start off your year. In ND Art + Design it’s four week projects instead of BTEC First’s three. Still super fast paced  but really enjoying it – time srsly flies by when you’re having a grand old time.

A “guinea pig” new trial theme we were given was based on UPCYCLING. Basically, (for those who are too lazy to click the link) it’s turning what could be ugly and defunct items with little or no use into something beautiful and functional. It’s like recycling, but groovier!

Recycling – converting + breaking down old materials into something new (like how styrofoam drinking cups can be turned into wee pencils)
Upcycling – using what you’ve already got and making it super duper gnarly.

Without further ado! OOOOH and AAAAH over pictures:

If you’ve reached to the bottom and are still reading, you get a shiny golden origami paper star full of MAGICAL WISHES!

My personal theme was based on the *~* 7 Deadly Sins. I decided to whittle it down to one Sin – GREED. From my original item I brought in for the project – which was the cassette tape, I plucked out ideas such as music, artists and lyrics. I had previously drawn Amy Winehouse before and decided to further improve and expand on my illustration to work into this project.
I found some plain white plates and a clear (slightly greasy) vase from my cupboard at home. Nothing a bit of vinegar and elbow grease can’t sort oot.
Added some chain at the end from an old necklace for oomph – that’s four things I upcycled for this project. Nifty!

I’ve learnt a few things from this project:
[!] Double check EVERYTHING before you print on expensive special decal transfer paper, because chances are, you will get it wrong at least once. Or twice. Um!
[!] If you use real cigarettes, dip them in clear varnish to retain the look and authenticity but NOT THE MINGIN’ STALE SMOKE SMELL. Duly noted, pip pip!
Cover any gaps from vase (filled with junk) + cassette tape with strong glue.

Presentation went swimmingly well and I received positive feedback, I had filled the brief well and apparently some people would like to purchase/are interested in future plate/dirty dishes endeavours. Aye!

Tally ho for now,

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