birthday commission – siobhan

I was recently commissioned by a friend of a friend, Chris, for a special birthday piece for his girlfriend. The original request was to create a personalised portrait piece*** inspired by a great scene in Pulp Fiction:

With a few quick emails sent back and forth, I knew that a 1950’s/rockabilly style would suit this piece perfectly. I tried to make this piece reflect her quirky personality ~ it was oodles of fun splashing around the inks! 

Mediums used: Inks, glitter, paint, coloured pencils

Wot’s new with me .. my 2nd year at college studying Art + Design has started up again, so far it’s been exciting, fast paced and as smooth as pulp free orange juice. FINALLY got a bus travel card (saving £400 each year, yesplz) only to find it malfunctioned one week later. Shaking my fists at Lothian buses! Discovered a new found love for jasmine perfumes (“You smell like a granny!” “Well, then I smell like one sensual granny!”), painting my nails with ridiculous designs (pandas + beetlejuice stripes anyone?) consuming far too much coffee thanks to the new Starbucks stand at collegio, attended a (surprisingly super fun) Chinese wedding party with my best friend and took an insane amount of ridonkulous photos with my cousins. (Hello Celine + Ivy if you’re reading! 😉

Toodlepip for now!


*** if you fancy a commissioned piece for you or your loved one, feel free to sling me an email over at OR check out my Etsy !

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