Thursday the 2nd of June came super duper quick in a flurry of nerves, waited bated breath and beautiful sunbeams of pure SUNSHINE – any day that breaks out in el scorcho hot sun is a good day!

Thanking my darling besty Tia for giving me a fabulous giftbag of goodies! Mega love to my favourite Moomin  ♥

I have lots of pictures of my display at the exhibition that I’ve worked 10 whole weeks on, from start to finish! Sketchbook pages, concepts to the final designs and illustrations.

I won an award for a year’s significant achievements – a COMPLETE surprise to me, my face must’ve been a picture!! I ran like a loony on loon tablets to the front of the stage to accept my award from Fay Fife, ( female vocalist of the Rezillos ) and skip hop shuffled my way back in shiny Docs + swishy blue Alice dress (thank goodness I opted out of wearing HEELS…!) I’m incredibly grateful and appreciative, a nice way to round off my first year 🙂

I thank everyone sincerely from the heart to the tips of my pointy winklepicker shoes (!) for attending and supporting me – and to those who couldn’t make it – here’s a virtual tour for you! Enjoy 😉

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One Response to GREAT BIG ART SHOW 2011

  1. Wow Jules, this is amazing work! I love that you based it on Alice in Wonderland 😀 Incredible! You’re a creative fireball of talent 😀 Congrats on your award, and I’m wishing you lots of luck for results, but I’m sure you’ll ace it! xxxx

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