These are some progress and development pictures of a past 3 week project, which I really vaguely remember. It seems so long ago I have to dust off a memory box in my brain! *taps noggin*

* if you can’t tell, deers are close favourites of mine, including the giant Pandas. (what a contrast!)

I watched Battle Royale for the first time today, my brother remarked I am eerily similar to the chirpy girl in the instructional video reeling all the rules out with such gusto and enthusiasm. (I can’t seem to find a video on this! Youchoob fail!) also found out there is a real Pikachu bus floating around in Japan. Too cute for words.

With last minute printing and cutticking and sticking pictures down, i managed to finish all the sketchbook work (with a hastily button bashed evaluation typed up and printed off), decorated my exhibition display (praying no one gets sticky fingers) and blu-tack’d every illustration/mixed media piece up on the wall on the very DOT of the 5 o’clock deadline!!! (….although it then was later extended to 5.30pm 😉 a huge sigh oF RELIEF!
I’m super excited for the exhibition and can only hope it all turns out well!

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